Life Is A Journey

This is the post excerpt.


It’s that time of the night, 

Where you reflect upon your life, 

Am I living it right? 

Or am I just a cut-throat competitive knife 
It’s a pacey lifestyle that we normalize

A Fast life shouldn’t  be normal you need to live it slow 

I want time to runthrough everything seen by these eyes

I want Time for my imagination to grow. 
What’s life these days? A job? A house? A car?

If you think that’s life then I need to let you know, 

They are  just an element of materialistic possessions that you leave and go 
We are trapped in the walls of mediocrity

Trying to climb the walls that never stop to grow

We are all trapped in a double standard society 

They say everything like there’s nothing that they don’t know
I would say screw  society pick the locks

You can’t live this way you can’t live in a box

I can’t be all sober I rather live life on the rocks

Tryna find the door that s most likely where opportunity knocks.
There are times where I feel scared

There are times where I feel no one cared

Maybe it’s normal or maybe I just miss her everyday 

Maybe it’s life maybe it’s gotta be this way
I really don’t like it but you can’t control everything, 

Meeting her is the best I can’t measure the happiness it brings

I wish I could spend with you more time of my life

I know it’s gonna be this way till the day you be my wife 
It’s a cold world out there there’s no friend I can trust 

People want the best of me it’s the worst kinda lust

I still have hope in love I still picture life as peaceful as the dove

Live life peacefully live it large before you turn to ash and dust